Nathan DeLuca



Nathan DeLuca is a giant nerd, comic book addict, cosplayer, and rabbit enthusiast hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia. After cosplaying for the first time at Hal-Con 2012, he fell in love with crafting and making characters come to life. He has been honing his armor and prop making skills since, specializing in EVA foamcraft and thermoplastics and branching out to casting and 3D printing. In 2014, Nathan started taking commissions and has been working full time since. Best known for portraying Kaidan Alenko (Mass Effect), Nightwing, and Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier, his work has been featured on Cos Culture, Kotaku, JustSaying, Faces, The Gazette, and the cover of Geek Inked. He also travels locally and internationally to conventions both as a guest and attendee, including recent destinations such as Washington, USA; Paris, France; Halifax, Canada; and Sydney, Australia.

In his spare time, Nathan enjoys taking on challenging costume builds, spending time with friends, travelling, and talking to his rabbits like they’re children.




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