About FanGeek

FanGeek utilizes tailored, client-specific strategies to connect artists with their fans through social media and personal appearances.

In an era of anytime/anywhere media, there’s really no such thing as downtime for artists. From official websites to Twitter, from Facebook to Instagram and Pinterest to pop-culture, science-fiction and horror conventions, fans expect to be able to connect with their heroes on multiple levels.

That’s where FanGeek comes in, with proven strategies that impact and motivate fans while broadening and elevating artists’ reach. Clients inevitably see a ripple effect from our work—longer lines at cons after posting about their upcoming appearances lead to higher follower numbers, which leads to more online chatter about their next projects, which drums up more followers and longer lines at cons. Everything circles back unto itself, as we like to tell clients—and we’ll work with you to keep those circles working together, in harmony.

Jacqueline Day (Founder / Fan Liaison):

Jacqueline began FanGeek in 2000 to provide a Web presence for performers and writers whose work stood to benefit from engagement with the burgeoning online community.

Since then, she has expanded her professional services to encompass all public avenues of communication between artists and their fans, including Web design and management, social media management and personal appearances. A two-time Azbee Award winner, Jacqueline draws on more than 20 years as a journalist and Web professional.

Passionate about facilitating the exchange between artist and consumer, Jacqueline has hosted client events in Los Angeles, Boston, Austin, New Orleans and Chicago.

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Emily Miller (Director of Development):

Emily joined FanGeek in 2010 to help develop the brand of FanGeek and secure its reputation as an innovative alternative to traditional publicity for the needs of a diverse entertainment community.

Since joining the team, she has served as a copywriter and business advisor, helping to plan and provide on-site management for client events. She assists in devising strategies for the future and repurposing social media and artist/consumer interaction to provide an experience for clients that is energizing, fun and lucrative.

Emily serves as a liaison among conventions, FanGeek and artists.

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Jennifer Lambe (Director of Operations):

Jennifer joined FanGeek in 2015. With a background of nearly 10 years in event planning, she brings experience and enthusiasm to the team. Managing scheduling and logistics for client appearances and their social media presence, she also helps plan on-site management for clients.

Currently serving as Chair and Guest Director for a Canadian sci-fi convention with over 7000 attendees, Jennifer provides invaluable experience to serve clients while understanding the needs of promoter as well.

Passionate about clients and conventions, she serves FanGeek internationally from her home base in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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