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FanGeek client Adrienne WilkinsonIn addition to being best known for her role as Xena’s daughter Livia/Eve from the hit series Xena: Warrior Princess, Adrienne Wilkinson has also made many notable television appearances. Her resume includes guest-starring roles on Charmed, Days of Our Lives, ER and Angel, as well as series regular roles on Venice, Goodnight Burbank and As If.

In 2015, Adrienne will take on outer space as Captain Lexxa Singh in Star Trek: Renegades. She has made appearances in fan-favorite films including Raze, Alpha Force, The American Failure and Reflections, for which she won several awards. She has produced several independent films and has voiced more than 50 lead characters in top animation projects and high-profile video games, including Daughter, the personification of the Light side of the Force, in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and as both the voice and physical model for Maris Brood, the female Jedi in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed franchise. Adrienne is also known for her charity work, which includes a focus on literacy programs, animal welfare and children.


Twitter: @yo_adriennew


2015: Star Trek: Renegades (Captain Lexxa Singh)
2010-2014: Venice the Series (Adrienne)
2011: Star Wars: The Clone Wars (The Daughter)
2008-2010 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed series (Maris Brood)
2005 Charmed (Phoebe #2)
2005 Xena: Warrior Princess (Eve/Livia)

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